SEAT has launched a national scrappage incentive to help owners of any pre-Euro 5 and older diesel cars trade up to new, latest technology, EU6 diesel or petrol models.

This offer will run until 31st December 2017.

All qualifying vehicles traded in will be permanently taken off the road and scrapped.

How will it work?

Owners of qualifying vehicles from any manufacturer can trade in their current diesel vehicle and receive scrappage incentive support from SEAT to purchase a new SEAT. The incentive cannot be combined with any other retail campaign offers (eg supported finance, loyalty, insurance, test drive, web vouchers).

Who can qualify?

Customers that are eligible for the scrappage incentive must meet these old and new car criteria.

Old car to trade in

  • Pre-Euro 5 diesel passenger cars registered on or before 31st December 2009. See the FAQs below to find out how to check a car’s Euro emissions rating
  • You must have owned the vehicle for six months or more
  • It does not have to be a SEAT; any make and any model are accepted so long as they meet the above criteria

New car to purchase

  • Must be a new SEAT EU6 petrol or diesel model sale. Used SEAT cars are not eligible
  • Offer available to retail customers only
  • The new car sale must be in the same name (first name and surname) as the V5C (logbook) of the vehicle being traded in
  • The scrappage incentive cannot be combined with any other offers; it is not available with supported finance, insurance, loyalty offers etc. VWFS have set up specific campaigns for scrappage as follows:

What models can be purchased?

All models (excluding Ateca and Alhambra) are available on the scrappage incentive scheme.

Scrappage incentiveScrappage amount (inc VAT)
Mii £1,500
Ibiza £2,500
Toledo £3,000
Leon £3,500

These support amounts replace any part-exchange value that will, in some cases, be lower than the scrappage incentive support value. For example:

Customer A: Trades in a diesel EU1 vehicle with a current estimated value of £200. Purchases a new Ibiza and receives £2,500 scrappage incentive support towards the new car, not £2,700.

Customer B: Trades in a diesel EU4 vehicle with a current estimated value of £3,000. They purchase a new Ibiza. The scrappage incentive support (£2,500) is less than the current estimated part exchange value (£3,000). This means the customer has two options – they can either choose the trade-in value or choose the scrappage incentive as they can’t have both in conjunction:

  1. Trade-in their car, or sell it privately, receiving the estimated value of £3,000. They would not receive the £2,500 scrappage incentive support
  2. Trade-in their car to the Dealer. The Dealer will have the car scrapped, and the customer would receive only the £2,500 scrappage incentive support. They would not receive the £3,000 estimated trade in as well

What happens to the customer’s old car being traded in?

Any qualifying old vehicle traded in to a Dealer must be scrapped and not sold on, so they do not enter the UK car parc again..

  • The scrappage incentive is not available in combination with any other retail offers; it is not available with supported finance, sales supports, cash alternatives, free insurance, loyalty bonuses, test drive or web vouchers
  • Support amount varies by model, as listed above
  • Support amounts stated include VAT
  • Claims for support must be correctly added to the claims tool, following the full process, to receive support
  • Payments will be made to the supplying Dealer through the bonus system once the claim has been approved on the claims tool
  • Alhambra, Ateca and Arona (when open for ordering) are excluded from the incentive