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Charity walk completed

003 The End with Half a Roman

Back in February 2017 our dear friend; John Green from Applied Petroleum Technology decided to embark on a walk with two of his friends.  Doesn’t sound like much until you realise the distance and deadline they’ve put upon themselves and the causes they wanted to support; of which we were fully behind and wanted to sponsor.

The walk they decided to complete was 84 miles across the length of Hadrian’s Wall – in 3 days and no prior experience all to raise funds and awareness for the Grimsby Neonatal Unit (The Health Tree Foundation) and to fully show his appreciation of the care they gave to his daughter and grandson; Dexter where he lived his first two weeks before being allowed to go home where he received further care from the community neonatal nurses

July 2016, John’s grandson, Dexter was born a full 6 weeks early and John  got to witness first hand the hard work, dedication and determination each and every healthcare professional showed at all times not only to his own family but another little baby boy who was 13 weeks early.

John initially set himself to raise £1,000 and started campaigning at the beginning of February, by the end of the walk being completed at the end of April  he had raised in excess of £2,500 for this much deserving charity.

Well done John!
Read his story here:

“Hadrian’s Wall Challenge – Complete!

 I finished it!

 Did I enjoy it and would I do it again? Not particularly (there wasn’t time) and potentially yes (but in 6 days not 3)!

 The unfortunate realisation is though that I underestimated the task, and therefore under-prepared for it. Endurance challenges may well not be my thing unless recovery time (day to day) is increased!

I can honestly say that, in my clearly sheltered little life, I have never been so physically tired as I was at the end of the first day and thereafter.

After 8 hours of moderately straight forward walking on day 1, we reached the section of the wall that the crazy Romans built in the Pennines. By hour 9, I had had enough.

However, I looked forward and then back and quickly realised that the only way I was going to get off the Wall was by walking more or by helicopter. Simply calling a cab wasn’t going to work. I managed another 2 hours.

And when that evening, sat on the edge of the bath with my feet in ice cold water, I rang Deb and told her that I couldn’t go on, she replied with “man-up boy, a lot of people have given you a lot of money in anticipation of success. Get on with it”.

 So, I got on with it, and finally at around 1530 on Saturday 29th April, I finished!

All that said it was an adventure that I’m glad I embarked upon, my friendship with my 2 co-walkers is significantly deeper than it was, and I (we) raised some serious money for our chosen charities. “

001 First Sight of the Wall

002 Not Far To Go